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CCK releases 2nd quarter ICT sector statistics for 2011/2012

Posted: 17 Apr, 2012

The number of Internet subscribers in Kenya increased by 13.48 percent from 5.42 million to 6.15 million between September 1 and December 31 last year.

During the same period, the estimated number of Internet users rose to 17.38 million up from 14.30 million, representing an increase of 21.55 per cent.

According to the CCK 2nd Quarter ICT Sector Statistics for 2011/2012 released today, broadband subscriptions increased to 131,829, posting a 4.14% growth from the previous period.  Of the total Internet subscribers in the country, broadband subscription represented only 2.14 per cent.

Meanwhile, the total mobile traffic declined to 6.70 billion minutes from 7.09 billion recorded in the previous quarter. The 5.5 per cent drop in voice traffic could be attributed to increase in tariffs by a key mobile operator.

Similarly, Minutes of Use (MoU) per subscriber per month declined to 79.9 down from 89.3 recorded in the previous quarter (i.e. July to September 2011), posting a 10.53 per cent decrease. 

The number of SMS per subscriber per month also declined from 17.42 in September 2011 to 10.42 SMS by the end December 2011, representing a decline of 38.52 percent.

The report further indicates that the number of mobile subscribers increased to 28.08 million up from 26.49 million recorded during the previous period, posting an increase of 5.99%. Mobile penetration increased to 71.3 percent during the same period from 67.2 per cent recorded during the first quarter.

The total local letters sent over the same period declined by 4.75 per cent from 20.57 million in the previous quarter to 19.59 million.

Click here to view the full 2nd Quarter 2011/2012 ICT Sector Statistics Report.