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CCK releases 1st quarter ICT sector statistics for 2011/2012

Posted: 06 Jan, 2012

Kenya had 26.4 million mobile phone subscribers by September 30 last year up from 25.3 million recorded at the end of June 2011, representing an increase of 4.8%.
The fixed line subscriptions, however, decreased to 355,492 from 374,942, representing a decline of 5.19% over the same period. The total tele-density during the period July to September 2011 increased to 68.1% up from 65.15% recorded in the period ending June 2011.

According to the CCK 1st Quarter ICT Sector Statistics Report for the 2011/2012 financial year released today, the Minutes of Use per subscriber per month recorded a 8.4 per cent increase to 89.3 up from 82.4 reported during the previous period.

An increase of 124.38% was recorded in the number of SMS per subscriber per month from 8.5 SMS during the previous quarter to 18.99 SMS during the quarter under review.

The total number of Internet subscriptions rose to 5.42 million during the period under review up from 4.25 million recorded in the period ending June 2011.

The estimated number of Internet users reached 14.3 million up from 12.53 million users recorded during the previous period, representing an increase of 14.06%.  

Broadband subscriptions increased by 4.5% in the quarter running from July to September 2011 to stand at 126,589 from 121,126 recorded during the previous quarter. On the other hand, international Internet connectivity bandwidth increased seven-fold to reach 213,048.83Mbps from the 32,270.52Mbps recorded during the last period.

The postal services recorded a 15.2% decline in the number of letters sent from 24.26 million letters sent during the previous quarter to 20.51 million. The number of international outgoing letters grew by 50.07% from 1.81million letters sent during the previous quarter to 2.72 million by September 30 last year.

The full report is available on our website at the following address:  http://www.cck.go.ke/resc/downloads/SECTOR_STATISTICS_REPORT_Q1_11-12.pdf