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CCK initiates public consultation on broadcasting regulatory instruments

Posted: 05 Jul, 2011

CCK has today initiated public consultations on two regulatory instruments for broadcasting services.

The two documents - namely the draft broadcasting programme code and draft complaints handling procedure - have been published on  the CCK website for comments by the public and other interested parties.

The Kenya Communications Act, CAP 411A, requires CCK to prepare the broadcast programme code for use in the regulation of broadcasting services.

The programme code sets the standards for the time and manner of programmes to broadcast by licensees. The law, however, allows any body of registered broadcasters to prescribe its own code subject to approval by CCK.

The draft complaints handling procedure sets out the steps to be taken by broadcasters, consumers of broadcast services and CCK with respect to making, handling and resolving of broadcast related complaints.  

It articulates guidelines to broadcasters on how to develop their own complaints handling mechanisms for use by persons aggrieved by their broadcasts.  Broadcasters are required by law to establish and maintain a procedure for handling complaints relating to broadcasting content, subject to approval by CCK.

Consultations on the two documents shall be carried over a two-week period starting from July 5.

The consultation documents are available at http://www.cck.go.ke/links/consultations/current.html